Dog Tricks For Dummies, Portable Edition - Sarah Hodgson
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Dog Tricks For Dummies, Portable Edition

By Sarah Hodgson

  • Release Date: 2010-12-08
  • Genre: Animaux de compagnie


Have the most talented dog in the neighborhood!
Want to teach your dog the coolest tricks? This step-by-step guide helps you easily train your four-legged friend using positive reinforcement. By teaching Fido a variety of tricks — from simple moves to more complex routines — you'll fulfill your dog's desire to be the star of the show. And while you're having fun and bonding with your dog, you'll build a mutually trusting relationship.

Start out with your best paw forward — develop a training strategy, know the best rewards for good behavior, and understand how your dog learns

From pedigree to pet-iquette — teach basic dog manners such as sit, down, and stay; and tailor trick training based on your dog's ability and breed

Teach simple tricks — from wag to wave to fetch, high five, and roll over, your dog will master these must-know moves before advancing to trickier tricks

That's incredible! — take trick training to the next level and amaze family and friends with more complex tricks like closing doors and fetching a tissue

Open the book and find:

Basic commands for dog training

Hints for clicker training

Ways to praise and reward your pooch

Old and new favorites to teach man's best friend

Tips for keeping your dog focused on the task at hand

How to choose the right tricks for your dog's body type

Games you and your dog can play together

Tips to keep Fido healthy, happy, and looking good

Learn to:

Teach your dog a range of cool tricks

Train your dog using positive reinforcement

Bond with your dog while having fun

Entertain family and friends